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Death is a harsh and frightening reality that each and every one of us should accept at some point in time. It is an inevitable occurrence that needs attention and preparation through the use of reliable and trustworthy funeral home service companies. Before an individual can finally rest in peace, there are a number of things that are to be taken care of, one of which is funeral home as well as burial services.
What are Funeral Homes?

Funeral homes are death-care industry providers that facilitate services such as burial and funeral services for deceased individuals and their respective families. It caters to people who are planning the services to be rendered upon their demise. Family who were left behind are identified as clients of funeral homes too as they are primarily tasked by deceased loved ones to take over the job of choosing funeral services.

There are a lot of work to be done before the deceased can enjoy eternal rest and peace. The services that funeral home offers accomplishes a variety of purposes such as:

  • Ceremonies that are performed during burial and funeral services are signs of acknowledging death. Despite diversity, death is a universal human experience recognized by everybody regardless of ethnicity, location, religion, and culture. Funeral and burial traditions have always been crucial parts in leading departed loved ones to the afterlife. It is important for loved ones and friends to observe these ceremonies as they are avenues for expressing their grief and mourning in the passing of their loved one.
  • Funeral homes facilitate the important role of showcasing the legacy of deceased loved ones. Highlighting a deceased person’s endearing qualities and desirable values create a warm and comforting atmosphere to family and friends in mourning.
  • Although not the most joyful events in a man’s life, funeral home and burial services help to create a sense of stability and order in the midst of human tragedy. Funeral home directors guarantee that all arrangements  are in order so families can go through the process of grieving without having to worry about the goods and services as well as the paperwork that need to be accomplished along with a loved one’s demise. By creating a serene and calm atmosphere from viewing to farewell ceremonies at the graveside, relatives and friends of the departed are able to grieve peacefully.

What do Funeral Home Services include?

Basically, a funeral home is involved in all post-death activities which comprise of procedures that prepare the body of the deceased and execution of meaningful memories to commemorate the life of a departed loved one.

There are two types of funeral service that are practiced in the United States namely:

  1. Traditional funeral or cremation service that starts from picking up of the deceased body  from place of death to the morgue, embalming services and other preparations, choosing of casket, funeral service at the funeral home, visitation or viewing, hearse transportation, cremation services, burial site preparation, and graveside service.
  2. Immediate burial or cremation which ultimately skips the traditional services observed at a funeral to facilitate to a simple and fast burial or cremation.

A funeral director is responsible for arranging the paperwork that needs to be filled up after a deceased person’s death. The mortician on the other hand not only performs embalming but also takes over the preparation of the funeral service and the reception of visitors for scheduled visitations. The burial rites are also managed by funeral homes from the production of headstone to communication with a minister to conduct final rites before burying the body at the graveside.

How to Choose a Funeral Home in Houston

The death-care industry has been plagued with deceptive funeral home companies for many decades now. The family of the deceased are most often victims of scams as they are most vulnerable when making decisions as to what should be done to give their departed loved one the best form of commemoration they deserve after death. Such manipulative practices can be observed in many funeral homes in Houston too! In order to protect yourself and that of your family from such unfair practices, here are tips on how to choose a funeral home:

Make sure you plan early. Staging death is one of the most expensive ticket items that an individual needs to pay for in his lifetime. It is then crucial that funeral proceedings and arrangements are done early on in life. You may be at your prime and living the good life, but do remember that death is always unexpected. It may seem morbid to plan your funeral and burial services, but doing so will lessen the burden on your family at this most depressing and grief-stricken event.

Pick a funeral home known for caring and passionate personnel. Our body is the spirit’s sacred temple and should be well taken care of even after death. A thoughtful funeral home understands the need of tending to the body of the departed with a great deal of compassion, care, and respect. In addition, a caring funeral home will be more than able to explain to clients about all the aspects involved in one’s death-care.

Pick a funeral home that listens. Typically, the final wishes of the departed are being followed by families when making arrangements for funeral home services, burial rites, and cremation. A reputable funeral home will understand all requests and grant them accordingly. An excellent funeral home service will have the ability to accommodate all requests made by the client regardless of ethnicity, religion, location, and culture among others.

Request for an itemized list of prices from the funeral home. It is Federal Law that the prices for products and services rendered by funeral homes are itemized rather than bundled into one type of service. In this way, you can simply take out the services that you don’t necessarily need so you end up saving a ton of money.

Do comparison shopping. There are over 300 funeral homes in Houston that customers can choose from. Sadly, a large number of these business entities feature deceptive practices resulting in major losses for the grieving family. For people doing funeral home service prearrangements, it is recommended to perform thorough investigation and background check before obtaining funeral home services. Never pay in advance for the chosen services, but instead keep the allotted money safely inyour bank account. For families who are pressed to look for funeral home services immediately, it is best to choose between two funeral homes within Houston. It is mandatory for funeral directors to provide the price and estimate even over the phone. Making two or three phone calls for different death-care providers will give you an idea of which can meet your expectations and budget too!

An efficient funeral service not only serves the dead, but also the living. Pick a funeral home that understands this concept as they are more than capable of attending to the needs of the departed, but also provide efficient service for families, friends, and loved ones who were left behind.


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